"What we love to do and why!"
"We shape
our self to fit
this world and
by the world
are shaped
David Whyte
Creative Change Conferences
"What we love to do and why!"
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Spirit Deck  with Kimberly Nichols

Kimberly Nichols will lead participants in the
creation of a six card spirit deck, which will
determine key points individualized per
person that can be reflected upon daily as a
reminder surrounding goals, desires, and

Kimberly Nichols is a published author and exhibiting artist
whose work in both fields explores the psychology of being,
spirituality, place in the world, and our universal
connections. She is the author of a book of literary short
fiction titled Mad Anatomy and is a freelance contributor to
magazines worldwide where she writes about the subjects
of art, culture, politics, spirituality, and the new global
paradigm. Her art shows regularly in galleries in Palm
Springs, San Francisco and Los Angeles and she was most
recently chosen as one of the Top 40 2011 in the Los
Angeles Center for Digital Arts annual exhibitio

Sisters and life coaches, Leslie
Gebhart, M.A. & Carolyn Ingram,
Ed.D life will end the day with
offering Connecting Your Creativity
with Your Next Calling. They will
provide tools to support you to
reconnect with what is calling you
now as you prepare for your next
calling.  You’ll begin your action
plan to carry you from inspiration
to results.

In addition to their individual work/play with
book study facilitation and individual
coaching clients, Leslie and Carolyn have
written three books together:  Have You
Ever Been a Child? Hints for Children and
Adults, Private! Keep Out!, a journal
companion, and The-Not-So-Scary Breast
Cancer Book: Two Sisters' Guide from
Discovery to Recovery, and have presented
many seminars together.  They consider it
high praise that, after each presentation,
they have been invited to return. Together,
they have goaded, nagged, inspired, and
supported each other in joint and individual
pursuits, as only sisters can do. They will
work to inspire and support you without the
nagging or goading (well, maybe a little
nagging) to connect your creativity to your
next calling.
October 8, 2011 9:00 A.M.
Julia Cameron in Person
"Creative Myths and
A Workshop on the
Artist's Way
Includes Lunch
The fourth Annual It Happens to Boys Conference will be
March 2nd and 3rd at the Doral Hotel
In Cathedral City.
$165.00 for both days, including lunch

For Exhibitor information or to register call 760-346-4606  
or contact
Exhibitor tables $350.00

If you are a man who was abused as a child and ready to
start your healing process give us a call
Award-winning writer Julia Cameron is
the author of seventeen books, fiction
and nonfiction, including The Artist's
Way, The Vein of Gold, and The Right to
Now is your chance to Experience
“The Artist’s Way” with  Julia Cameron
in person! Come prepared to work and
learn, experience first hand your
“Creative Myths and Monsters"
Playback Theater
In a playback event, someone in the audience tells a moment or
story from their life, chooses the actors to play the different roles,
and then all those present watch the enactment, as the story "comes
to life" with artistic shape and nuance. The re-creation of stories is
often non-naturalistic; actors often use metaphor, narration, chorus,
genre, movement and song.
Playback performers tend to specialize in one of several roles -
conductor, actor, or musician. Some companies also have members
who specialize in other roles, such as lighting. For audiences, the
active performers can seem preternaturally gifted, as they create
their performances without a script or score. Following the practice
of the original company, most companies do not consult or "huddle"
prior to beginning the story, trusting instead to a shared
understanding of the story they have heard and a readiness to
respond to each other's cues.

Dr. Cindy Carter, Ph.D., has served as an educator for over 25
years. Her academic training includes degrees in Liberal Arts,
Biology and Chemistry, Educational Psychology, and Clinical
Psychology. She carries a Secondary Education Teaching Credential
and is licensed as a Registered Nurse.
Past President of Pacific Oaks College, Chief Academic Officer,
Academic Dean, and Academic Coordinator at Pacifica Graduate
The Doral Desert Princess Hotel
67967 Vista Chino
Cathedral City, California
Creative Change Conferences

Bring a journal, your creative spirit and
willingness to explore.
Experience Workshops with
Professional Artists.

An educational and stimulating day for
Dr. Cindy Carter
Mary McGraw Gordon, MA,

Dancer, Drummer, Therapist

Welcomes you with drumming and
movement.  Creative Movement
empowers us to express different
aspects of our creative self,
allowing us to express , to relate
together  and free energy for
authentic expression.  
Breathe, sing and move !
John Leiberman,  Visions
Adolescents" Treating Co-Occurring
Disorders in a Residential  Setting
Dave Pelzer, Author
" A Child Called It"
John Bradshaw,
A Full Day of " Healing the Father Wound
Judy Crane
The  Refuge
Jerry Moe, MFT
Betty Ford Center
Children's Program
Dr. Cindy Carter
Dr. Sally Diane
Scott Johnson
Patrick Haggerson
Dr. Shari ReVille